Orem Real Estate Agent

Are you looking for the the best real estate agent in Orem, UT? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our website reviews some of the top real estate agents and brokers in our area.

Criteria for Evaluation

When thinking about how we could structure this website, we wanted to come up with some solid ranking criteria. These are the thnigs that will be evaluated for determining the top Orem real estate agents.

Agency Pricing

The cost of completing a real estate transaction is a major part of our ranking criteria. There are several different ways agencies can structure these fees. Many times, there is a 3% commission on both sides of the transaction. That means both the buyer and seller will pay their agents their respective commission.

Some agencies offer what’s call a flat fee. This is the absolute cheapest way you can purchase a piece of property. The one drawback from this option is there is the lack us customer service and support. If you aren’t an experience buyer/seller, we recommend staying away from the flat fee.

Customer Service

Customer service and experience is a big part of being a great real estate agent. If you think about it, buying a house is the largest transaction 95% of the population will make in their life. Making this purchase involves filing highly technical documents and contracts. Most people don’t feel comfortable working with this kind of paperwork without some professional guidance.

When you buy or sell a house, you are dealing with a wide range of different parties. Everyone from the developer to the loan agent have a steak in the transaction. If any of these groups gets out of line, its important to have an advocate to fight on your behalf.

Marketing Expertise

If you’re selling a property, its important to find an agent with a marketing background. A lot of agencies just put a sign in your yard and file the listing in the MLS. That’s not a very good way to attract as much attention to your customers listings.

We recommend finding an agent that has experience with social media, digital marketing, and print. This will ensure he/she is capable to promote you property as much as possible.